Team Vision

Our vision

We strive to produce efficient linear induction-based Hyperloop prototypes, and provide solutions to our community’s expectations of innovative transportation. 


Mission Statement

The HyperFalcos will construct & test our first prototype to run at the official 2020 Hyperloop Pod Competition.

By applying our knowledge of engineering & applied sciences, we believe this challenge will be met by our team with every ounce of effort behind our research


years of operation


Academic Disciplines


Active Team Members

Ambition & Passion

As first-time constructors, we understand the implied learning curve for Hyperloop pod assembly. It is our passion for this technology which fuels our vision to achieve our mission.  

Our donors and sponsorships power our Hyperloop pod

The world needs Hyperloop technology to travel quicker, smarter, and safer. 

Our team relies on YOUR support to carry on this research effort. 

Helping us achieve our mission allows the world to receive the Hyperloop vision.

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